Want a fun workout that is weights and resistance driven? Well you have come to right place. Wolf is a LIVE workout instructor at LIVE Now Fitness offering this experience 3 days a week, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday’s.

So what is Rhythm & Power?
Well it’s a class based on creating sequences of movement that are advanced with the use of resistance training. The RHYTHM section mixes body weight and resistance through these sequences to the timing of the music, the POWER section focuses more on resistance, technique and control at your own pace.

Anyone can join in even if you only have low level resistance at home, below is what to expect from each day.

Mondays 5pm UK TIME (ALL LEVELS)

All levels on this day provides options for high and lower impact, so whether you like to jump or not there will be something for you. Resistance levels will be recommended however feel free to use what feels good for you.


Get ready to sweat in this cardio heart rate high impact workout. Options are less accessible in this experience, if you are not a fan of jumping feel free to check out the other classes or join in and keep light on your feet where you can. Resistance for the most part will be kept at a reasonable level to accommodate for the dynamic requirements of high impact.

Wednesday 9am UK TIME (LOW IMPACT)

No jumping, great on the knees, yet still a challenge. In this session you won’t break as much of a sweat, can challenge yourself more with resistance, or use it as a less intense workout kind of day.

What type of resistance you will need:

  • Light dumbbells 1-3kg
  • Medium light 3-5kg
  • Medium heavy 8-10kg
  • Medicine ball 3-6kg

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