Pack Leader Bio

Born in Uganda, raised in the UK since the age of 12, Wolf is a half Ugandan half German Creative Athlete with a passion in Multimedia Technology & Fitness.

Wolf’s first love was Basketball, where he played for the National League in the UK under 18’s. At University he completed a degree in Multimedia Technology Design, a long with 1 year in Computer Science.

While at University, Wolf discovered Dance and pursued it professionally after graduating where he toured the world working with some A list artists and brands such as Little Mix and Rihanna.

At the beginning of his dance journey he began teaching, which lead to his passion of fitness around his 8th year professionally dancing and choreographing. Wolf qualified as a PT, and later entered the boutique fitness world with a Spin company by the name of PSYCLE LONDON. He has taught over 2500 and seen the likes of David Beckham and Kate Winslet attend his classes. Within the same company Wolf has used his academia for digital production development, content creation and instructor mentorship.

Wolf is also a Data Analyst interested in supporting businesses to make intentional decisions for sustainability, social happiness and governance diversity.

I’m so eager to learn new skills and collaborate with passionate individuals, groups, companies and teams, connect with me and lets embark on new and exciting opportunities


Lulu Lemon Ambassador
Wolfgang is an ongoing ambassador for Lululemon
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