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Having danced professionally for over 9 years, my dance journey began at 19 where I joined a dance society at University, during my studies I did my first couple of jobs and continued to pursue a professional career post education. I’ve worked all over the world, from various TV shows, private events, Tours, and some incredible artists as well as choreographers.


Modelling came simultaneously with dancing however before I was a dancer my mum encouraged me to pursue it from the age of 17, and took it more seriously once I turned 18, my professional career didn’t come into fruition once I graduated university, my career with modelling still continues until this day. I’ve worked on 3 major campaigns and some incredible photographers and directors.


For many years I have used the word Creative as it best sums up my passion for being an open minded and ever learning human being. I studied Multimedia Technology Design at University, and with that degree I learnt about branding, marketing, camera work both photography and cinematography. So I’ve been doing motion graphics, video direction, stereoscopic imagery, brand design, choreography and creative direction for over 11 years. Using all this knowledge I’ve helped develop artists, choreographed fashion shows, given consultation on individual brand development.
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